Crossing views and reviews about the Brand and the Web

Need a coach for your brand ?

by Tiffany Assouline & Minter Dial

Today, existing on the web is a real business challenge. With the endless flow of information and the multiplication of screens and sources, being visible on the web has become a vital issue : brands must adapt. Some have been able to do so ; however, most do not know how to tackle the issue.

Part 1 : Why is the brand a key success factor on the web ?

Part 2 : DNA, Identity, Reputation: The brand as an obvious “social” landmark ?

Part 3 : After the Personal Branding, Brand Coaching ?

Genesis of the article : Tiffany Assouline and Minter Dial “hooked” up by a chance meeting on Twitter, tweeting on the power of language in the areas of sales and marketing strategy. Both speakers and consultants helping companies in defining their positioning, they had the idea to co-write an article about a current issue they both address from a different perspective and complementarity.

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